We are finding ourselves in a moment of transition. Established paradigms and systems are being questioned – locally, globally and on all levels of society. In this climate, how can performance art create vision, engage and empower society as well as desired innovations? Could the medium of performance / performative art be, in fact, the only way to create real engagement? What is the role that the performative body can possibly take in this process?

The poetry and power of expression through the human body lies within its energetic charge and kinetic impact that communicates beyond any rational statement. It can address and enhance empathy as well as compassion. It can create openings, provoke cracks in our habitual perception, become an element bridging gaps within society as well as between people and their environment.

My research revolves around the wish to create openings in the minds of others and to empower transformation. In fact, change or a shift in our mind-set / perception won’t be effected by exclusively engaging with an intellectual idea but rather by inviting people to go through an experience that has emotional impact.

As art can give visibility and evoke a dialogue, through performance art we can create an immersive experience. Utilizing the emotional / energetic charge of the performative body, we can access and touch the emotional dimension of our inner reality. This is the psychological space where transformation is taking place and behavioral change is enabled to happen. In fact, emotional learning impacts the functionality and structure of brain and, thus, creates a potential shift in the perception of who we are, what reality can be, what role we chose to play within it and which world we choose to create.

Through the performative body we have the possibility to respond to today’s challenges by engaging our emotional reality, where the sees of transformation can find fruitful ground.

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