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INTERPLAY and, as well, A HYBRID BODY (from a slightly different approach and angle) are trainings that through, open explorations as well as set material, dive into and play with varied physical, sensorial and kinetic qualities – subtle, cellular, activating the “internal” space, to big and spacious, flying through and eating space.


Interplay is a training exploring dynamic movement through all levels in space.

In this work we focuses on the soft but vital power of the body that can be found through it’s fluidity.

We want to expand and not harden. We travel organically in and out of the floor, dissolving that distinction and rather focusing on fluid pathways that travel through as well as in and out of our body, through the entire space and, at times, into the air. 

INTERPLAY and, as well, A HYBRID BODY (from a slightly different approach and angle) are trainings that through open explorations as well as set material dive into and play with varied physical, sensorial and kinetic qualities; subtle, almost cellular, activating the “internal” space, to big and spacious, flying through and eating space.

Be it in the professional trainings or in the more open labs and workshops, my wish is to offer a playground and to create as well as hold the space to challenge ourselves with curiosity; to deep dive into the fluidity, agility and soft but energised power of our body. 

“As much as I love the clarity of lines, this work is never about creating and rigid “shapes”. It focuses on weight and the stream of breath as generators of movement;  on how to utilise these in an ongoing interplay between release, recovery and a conscious act of directing. In this work we explore ways to soften in order to expand, to activate and fully reconnect to our agile and powerful body.

The essence of this training is a research around the fluidity of the body, playing with release and weight and sequentiality, in an increasingly energetic / dynamic way throughout class. Released and available to be able to surfe and play with natural forces, riding an energetic stream and wave; learning to stop powering & making every movement happen muscularly. To allow motion & movement to happen, while still clearly directing & sending it. One central focus is alignment that allows movement to travel through the body. The training offers a playground to challenge and hopefully surprise ourselves.

Movement, be it floor work or standing material, is approached as directing and streaming an energetic flow, respecting a natural trajectory and alignment. This allows us to be energetic and, as well, to gain speed, if so wished, in the most enjoyable, efficient, organic as well as healthy way – be it in minimal or expanded movements flying through and eating the space.


– to move in an organic, released while highly agile and energetic way, maintaining the space within and fluidity of the body.

– to start movement from different approaches.

– to surf movement as an energetic stream, based on release/falling, catching and sending movement.

– to be/come the master of this tool, our body and the timing, dynamic and musicality in which we perform a movement.

->> DATES for upcoming opportunities below + in agenda

INTERPLAY professional training @ TREenit!Ry | Liikeilaturi, Tampere (Fi)


INTERPLAY LAB [Laborgras Berlin, JUNE 2017]





3 + 4 APRIl – INTERPLAY | SURFING THE WAVE  workshop @ TOIHAUS Salzburg

10 – 14 February – professional morning training @ Tanznetz Freiburg.


18 + 19 MAR – professional morning training @ HJS, Amsterdam

11-14 MAR – Interplay Professional Training @ K3 Hamburg

25 FEB – 1 MAR – Interplay Professional Training @ Dansateliers, Rotterdam (Nl)

11-15 FEB – Interplay Professional Training @ Studio ALTA, Prague.


14 Jan – company class for de Stilte, dance company in Breda (Nl)


18 NOV – INTERPLAY masterclass @ Egomio Cultural Center, Nicosia, Cyprus

3-7 SEPT – Interplay professional training @ marameo Berlin

27 + 28 AUG – INTERPLAY extended training [11.15h – 12.45h] @ TREenit! Ry, Tampere (Fi)

27-29 AUG – INTERPLAY professional training [9.30h – 11h] @ TREenit! Ry, Tampere (Fi)

22 AUG – INTERPLAY workshop for professional dancers in Vaasa @ Regional Dance center of Ostrobothnia (precise time tbc)

14-16 MAY – professional morning class @ HJS, Amsterdam

30 APRIL – 4 MAY – professional training @ Banannefabrik / TROIS C-L, Luxembourg

13 APRIL – INTERPLAY Masterclass @ micadanses, Paris

4 + 19 APRIL – contemporary class @ Dance in Art, Haarlem (Nl)

12-16 MAR – professional training @ MARAMEO Berlin


12 AUG – workshop hosted by LARVA (Laboratorio de Arte Variedades)

5 AUG – workshop @ Bucareli 69, Mex City

8 JUNE – Professional Training @ MARAMEO Berlin

2-3 JUNE – INTERPLAY INTENSIVE @ LaborGras, Berlin

11/12 FEB:  INTERPLAY Masterclass / Dance Intensive @ TOIHAUS Salzburg


26 SEPT:  Amateur Training – for everyone enthusiastic about movement @ BODY_GRAPHICS Dance Festival, Pernik Bulgaria

24 & 25 SEPT: Masterclasses @ BODY_GRAPHICS Dance Festival, Pernik Bulgaria

1 – 5 AUG: workshop on dance film in frame of “BODY AWARENESS IN NATURE”, Retreat on Ile D’Aix (Fr)

12-14 MAY: PlayPractice Residency, Bangalore (IN)

18/19 APRIL: Natya Ballet Center, Delhi (IN)

APRIL 7-8: Masterclasses & Workshops at AVAYAVA Dance Festival, check out the info here.


DEC 7-11: Professional Training @ CIRCLE in KORZO, The Hague

Nov 23-27: Professional Training @ ZAIK, Quartier am Hafen, Cologne

Oct 17: MASTERCLASS @ Tipperary Dance Platform

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interplay intensive @ LARVA Guadalajara MX