a poetic meditation,

an ode to the uplifting forces carrying and supporting life.

It’s a murmur, it’s a song.

Inspired by natural cycles, elements and their interplay,

diving into a space of liquid time,

flowing onwards,

falling and rising,

a continuous becoming.


– film by Andrea Hackl

– music – Antoine Viard [Tumulus] & Zachary Paul [Music for Mourning / It’s Cloudy Outside]

– performance, camera + editing – Andrea Hackl

– text excerpt from the EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD

This film project has started in frame of an artistic residency at Bohemia Farmstudio in Czech Republic & was financially supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum, Prague.

Time is a cool liquid.

It flows away like a river.

We shall see no end of it.

There is no end to becoming.

I praise the moment I die in fire

for the veils of illusion burn with me.

I see how hard we strive for truth,

and once attained

how easily we forget.

I hold that fire as long as I can.

To live is to die a thousand deaths,

but there is only one fire,

one eternity.