par les temps anciens

there are those paths which aren’t visible from far or below.
they become visible when you‘re on them.

the balance between moving onwards and being, allowing “stillness”

sometimes I walk, drinking in the surrounding & at times I walk in order to arrive somewhere. this project and journey is about connecting to, arriving within the different spaces. Maybe arriving in motion, maybe that transience and flow and ongoing forward motion is the only thing we can ever arrive and surrender to…… and then again, all time, past present and future are supposedly part of this one moment – the eternal now. surrender to flow to arrive in that now?

Is arriving in a place just a human construct? ……the concept that arriving means, I need to fully feel that one particular place around me – smell it, sense it, feel it. Is that actually trying to “arrive” to / within an illusion? no real arriving at all – mere illusion based on what my senses offer to me? if however I surrender to the flow of the journey, cherish the moments of being in a flow of movement, with each step, separate steps in fact blurring, all becoming one dance, is that a true arriving? …..or do both states mean to arrive, just in a different way and maybe a different aspect or layer of this journey we call life?  Equally, in my motion, it’s quality, there’s a certain arriving and connecting to the kinetic quality of a landscape, to move with it.

In a more “basic” and concrete consideration, one thing I realize: the stages of this trek are rather long and, at times, very intense and challenging. As a trekker, I am already unorthodox in so far that i love to take my time in the mornings to cherish the serenity and peacefulness of the place i am in – especially if I am by myself.
So to arrive from A to B, there’s a certain need to move forward. At the same time, I need to create the space to simply be, be within places and yes, allow myself to fully, consciously perceive & take them in.