Concept, direction and design: Maarten van der Put
Artistic directors: Maarten van der Put & Pauline Roelants
Composer: Ralph Timmermans

Performers: Jenia Kasatkina (RU), Sophy Ribrault (FR), Andrea Hackl, Sarah Bostoen (BE),
Evelyne Rossie (BE), Pauline Roelants
Special guests: Fanny Vandesande (BE), Jef Stevens (BE), Hanne Schillemans (BE)


SOLO ‘SPINNING’ for WHO TOO, 2010-2013

Director & concept: Maarten van der Put
Choreographer: Pauline Roelants
Composer: RalphTimmermans
Created with- and performed by: Ai Koyama, Marleen Kleinstapel, Andrea Hackl, Hanne Schillemans, Milla Virtanen, Pauline Roelants

Under the title WHO TOO, WHO cycle will evolve in the coming season into an extended study of the human body. The basic principle; back to the essence of our naked body, its being kept, but one after the other a theme, a physical aspect or another medium is being added; The body is slowly but surely confronted with a more and more explicit environment: The aim here is to show the thin naked body in continuously greater contrast with its surroundings. Here the authenticity of the naked human is also central but its being forced to relate to a much more dominant outer world. The research centres around finding out where the turning point is, the moment the formidable body loses against its more and more imposing environment. All the stages of this development form a fuelling field for the performances of the ensuing series, who bow to then again resist to these imposed additions. WHO cycle thus becomes a research into transformation and adaptation. Trials have already yielded interesting results; Language versus body language, body versus mirror image; filmprojections versus live presence,pain versus pleasure.

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