everything shaped by the movement of water and air

some say the shape is already within the stone and the artist frees that shape.

this landscape is reigned and shaped, sculptured by the elements, by water and wind; its shapes freed, sculptured, moulded by an ongoing, ever evolving fluid dance, in a tight embrace and interplay. an ongoing love affair.

having a wander in this landscape it feels like being surrounded by different dimensions of time. the land not only bearing witness to but being itself the fluid, changing, morphing never stopping motion of ever evolving life, of life force and elemental forces.

some matter carries the imprint that has been left slowly, gradually – but keeps on changing eroding becoming something else in, to the human perception, slower time

some shapes appear and fade.

some are movement made visible and tangible by the elements, but never captured.

all is motion, nothing ever static.

an ever evolving dance

mountains and ocean. places where the forces of life can be felt in such a direct way, life felt in its raw power and splendour; in its majestic beauty.