film by Andrea Hackl


[Basque – black raven]

Inspired by the wisdom of the raven, this film is an ode to the freedom of our spirit and the power of our soul. 

Leading through a soul landscape, it’s a journey that takes you into the high mountains.

It’s an homage to nature and the elements as well as a meditation on lightness, birth and death.

This short film was entirely shot on a 2.5 months long solo trekking journey in the high mountains of Europe – around the Mont Blanc massif and across central High Route of the Pyrenees, being shot in different countries: Spain + France [/ Pays Basque], Catalonia, Andorra, Switzerland, Italy.  

The work is part of the interdisciplinary film and photography project: OF RAVENS AND GODS

BELE BELTZA has won several AWARDS for BEST EXPERIMENTAL / ART FILM at film festivals world wide.

It was awarded the PEARL ARTIST PRIZE at POOL ’21 International Dance Film Festival

and received an HONORABLE MENTION at CINEDANZA ’21, International Dance Film Festival, Modena

“By presenting impressive outer landscapes and images of a strong physical presence, exposing the performer‘s body, Hackl‘s films take the spectators at the same time away into peculiar inner worlds. The high contrast black and white aesthetics, the precise editing and the sound are skilfully matched and create a convincing overall work of art. What is particularly striking about Andrea Hackl’s work is that she is producing the films almost completely by her own, being photographer and performer at the same time. She takes us on a journey of its own, using the camera as a witness, observer and mirror of human presence in the world.”

– Sarah Möller, Pool Dance Film Festival, Berlin

“Bele Beltza reflects a strong spirituality that fits with the black and white imagery. It gives a strong expression to a journey in the vastness of the mountains. This work should be best displayed in huge screen – and not ‘only’ as a film project but also as an installation. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Your edit has an excellent rhythm and its duration was just as it should be.”

– Aliki Chiotaki, Dance Days Chania

“A spiritual journey, in a dramatic scenery.” – audience

“Expressing a primal force” – audience


direction + performance: Andrea Hackl

music: Raffaele Schiavo, Vero Mota,, Andrea Hackl

camera + editing: Andrea Hackl

The project received financial support from the Austrian Cultural Forum, The Hague.


  • April 15 2021 – ViDEOSKiN Dance film festival, Pokhara Nepal
  • April 12 2021 – FINALIST at Prague International Film Award
  • April 28 2021 – Braga International Dance Film Festival, Portugal
  • July 21+21 2021 – Dance Days Chania, Crete
  • July 31 2021 – Vesuvius International Film Fest
  • Aug 12 – Vaasa Art Night Finland
  • Aug – screenings in frame of the virtual expo OF RAVENS AND GODS, hosted by Black Box Genesis, Finland
  • Aug 28 – Sept 4 – 12th Bridges International Film Festival, Ancient Corinth
  • Sept 11 – POOL TanzFilmFestival Berlin
  • Sept 24/25 – Thessaloniki Cinedance International
  • Sept/Oct 2021 – Almada Dance Film Festival
  • Oct 2021 – HONORABLE MENTION @ CINEDANZA Festival Modena, Italy
  • FEB 22 – BELE BELTZA @ Reykjavik Independent Film Festival

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