+ featuring a special selection of black and white photography of the project

+ carefully composed & crafted

+ every item signed + numbered

+ 72 pages of photography, lay flat binding, black leather hard cover [natural linen / matt black cover available]

+ incl. code to view the film BELE BELTZA


OF RAVENS AND GODS is the result of a pilgrimage. I’ve followed the calling to explore a space that I have a special bond with: the mountains. Being the landscape of my origin, their energy is within my very fibre. For this project, I’ve set out on a journey into the Jura mountains, around the Mont Blanc massif and across the Pyrenees.

Mountains, in their powerful and majestic presence, they exist in their own time; They are like guardians of the earth’s ancient soul, while touching the sky as the roof of the world and connecting us to the divine. A territory that teaches many lessons, an environment that is humbling and empowering, they are my learning and playground to dance with the elements. Mountains are the landscape of this work that is a love declaration to life and the magnificence of the Earth. My deep desire is to share this love story; to speak of the wild within our spirit and the power of our soul as well as our connection with her, Sophia, the mother who is nourishing and supporting not just us human beings but all of life. 

This book offers an invitation to let yourself be taken in by the places captured; to dream, to meditate, to let your spirit travel and to go onto a journey within; to listen to the whisper of the wind and take a flight on the wings of the raven.

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