​Dance is an expression of life energy and our essence, an expression coming from within our core. It is a way to access and create with life energy and I love the power and poetry that originates from that.

With the potential to reach, touch and move people on an essential level, in its kinetic power, dance gives the possibility to communicate in a way that goes beyond a rational concept and statement; that lets us experience, be part of the action taking place – performer as well as spectator.

Inspired by this thought I desire to create work that opens the perspective of people or shifts it ever so slightly, makes them re-connect to, sense and feel, experience what is surrounding them in a way that independent from labels we put on and filters through which we tend to see things.

As performer, dancer I go on a journey, a journey of exploration and discovery. I am creator , charged by and creating energy in different textures, states and forms –  surrendering to the flow or cutting out, disrupting it with a concrete gesture, thought or statement. I create with every breath and every movement and my actions connect to and become a part of space. Actions creating an interplay with space and time.

Every performance is a journey we go on – performer as well as spectator. A journey through space and time. Every moment means becomIng. And we all are sharing just that.

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