sun light

Awakening to the pristine serenity of a mountain lake & the gurgle of a spring. Of water. Besides, perfect tranquility and silence. The return of the sun breaking through the clouds. Celebrated and cherished. Warmth returning. Giving new life and comfort and hope, on an overcast morning. Warmth and life energy. The clouds above moving by lazily. No rush. It all is. It all exists in this one moment. Forever. In its own time. 

Nut, the goddess the swallowed the sun.

In Egyptian mythology, Nut was the sky goddess and the mother goddess of ancient Egypt. She was the twin sister and wife of the earth god Geb. Nut and Geb, children of the god Shu ( “air”) and goddess Tefnut ( “moisture”), were born locked together in a tight embrace.

The sun god Ra ordered Shu to separate them, so Shu held his daughter high above the earth, creating room between Nut and Geb for other creatures to live. Nut’s body became the sky, and Ra attached stars to her.

Nut’s body divided the cosmos and helped keep the forces of chaos, or disorder, from breaking through the sky and overwhelming the earth. During the day, Ra sailed along Nut’s body in a boat. When he reached her mouth, she swallowed him, bringing on the night. After traveling through Nut’s body at night, Ra emerged again at dawn and brought on the day.