Most of all and foremost my work is a celebration of life,

our essence and the intrinsic connection of all that is.

My investigation as artist and dancer revolves around the desire to let others re-connect to an essential level on which it is possible to experience this connection. My work explores ways to shift others’ perception towards that level. I explore this via performative as well as visual and installation work, which I appreciate both for their immersive quality.

We are living in, what seems to be, the most crucial times of human history on this planet. We are standing at cross-roads. We are facing complex challenges that ask for new ways of perceiving and living life – an eclectic fusion of ancient wisdom and the wonderful achievements of nowadays society. Those challenges call for transformation of how we perceive our individual role as well as ourselves as part of the organism of this world.

I believe, transformation can happen, if we embrace what is essential to & connecting us all, if we inspire an intrinsic motivation to change; if we empower one another and learn to act from Vision.

As artists we have the power, if not responsibility, to question the status-quo, to give visibility to issues, to create shifts of perception and to trigger dialogue.

I am inspired by cross-pollination and creative interdisciplinary work, by seeing different fields nurture one another; seeing how science and art, working together, have the power to create wonder, to find and inspire new ways.

We can create change and transformation, if we reach, touch and move others; if we create wonder and inspiration – intrinsic motivation. Through my art and by sharing my inspiration as well as by finding ways to inspire others I wish to create connection(s), to enhance a new awareness and to support and be part of this shift in society and the world we live in today.

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