MKH_1133 (1).jpg

© Maike Helbig Photographie [textures of body]


Most of all, my work is a celebration of and driven by my hunger and zest for life.

This is my political action.

To share a passion for life, to hopefully trigger a life force, wonder and hunger for life in others.

Whichever subject I might should choose to talk about, on the one side, I am driven by my believe in the communication through body and its physicality. – the immediacy of our presence as performer and the knowing that everything that lives within us speaks.

I feel passionate about the poetry of movement and dance. The power of a kinetic force and the ability to talk on a level that reaches beyond the rational, readily defined.

On the other side, I love visual composition and to design space, to let a performance space become a sensorial universe – be it in a black box or alternative space, at times using video or, generally, designing with light.

My wish is to create performances in which action is informed, driven by a certain necessity and urgency;  I believe that movement – in/from whichever language – should be informed by and born out of something that we wish to express.

Performances are like a journey we go on and invite an audience to come along onto.I believe that on this journey magic can happen – magic that has the power to bring empowerment, beauty, transformation into this life.

These last years, processes of Life and Death, life cycles, the theme of Rite of Passage and Catharsis…. aspects around human behaviour as well as stories and mythology as archetypal expression of our psychology have been thematically and as inspiration central to my work.

We are living in, what seems to be, the most crucial times of human history on this planet. We are standing at cross-roads. We are facing complex challenges that ask for new ways of perceiving and living life – an eclectic fusion of ancient wisdom and the wonderful achievements of nowadays society. Most of all those challenges demand to a new openness, to step beyond stereotypes and status-quo. Those challenges call for transformation of how we perceive our individual role as well as ourselves as part of the organism of this world and society.

I believe, transformation can happen, if we empower one another and learn to act from Vision.

As artists we have the power, if not responsibility, to question the status-quo, to give visibility to issues, to create shifts of perception and to inspire reflection and dialogue.

I am inspired by cross-pollination and creative interdisciplinary work, by seeing different fields nurture one another; seeing how science and art, working together, have the power to create wonder, to find and inspire new ways.

We can create change and transformation, if we reach, touch and move others; if we create through inspiration and wonder.

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