“Primitive Sense”

….means for me going back and listening to, acting from what is essential. Acting from an open perception & presence that allows me to be in a dialogue of co-creation with what surrounds me, to follow intuition and impulse. It is born out of an instinctive & animal state, in which all senses are alert and acting in concert – a state where we find motion merging into sense and sense into motion.

As human beings we can dive into this “animal” state, this unity of sense and impulse, and saturate it with a heightened consciousness. It interests me to use this enriched perception in my work. Further, “Primitive Sense” means connecting to an essential level of life on which all Being is connected – on which the borders between ourselves and nature blur and, eventually, disappear. It means accessing and working with what we can find and what expresses itself on & through that level.

Through “Primitive Sense” we can be in communion with our origin, our source, with mother Earth and the elements surrounding us. At the same time we can grasp what is infinite and immortal within us and all of existence. “Primitive Sense” is, in fact, what I want to and we all have to come back to.

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