back·wash   \ˈbak-ˌwȯsh, -ˌwäsh\

[backward flow or movement of water or air produced by a propelling force]


This is the story of a man and a woman.  A Danse Macabre unfolding in a world where common reality and the realm of myth are blurring; where the borders separating in- and outside are becoming obsolete. 

This is the story of their alter-egos, caught up in a limbo and no-man’s land, waiting, stuck on river Styx.

Neither here anymore, nor yet beyond.

This is her story. She, the one to cross that passage, being pulled.

This is his story. Losing and winning her at the same time.

And as events take their course, we can’t be quite sure who is playing whom and who is calling the shots.



produced @ MALAKTA A.I.R., 2015

concept and direction – Andrea Hackl

female character – Andrea Hackl

male character – Andreas Lindblom

camera – Jukka Rajala-Granstubb



Nov 2016 – finalist in the competition of ROLLOUT DANCE FESTIVAL, Macao

Nov 2016 – Moving Images Video Dance Festival in frame of Dance Waves Festival Nicosia, Cyprus

Oct 2016 film screening of Tipperary Dance Platform

Sept 2016 – Body_Graphics Festival Bulgaria

18 APRIL – presentation at AUSTRIAN CULTURAL FORUM, New Delhi

8 APRIL – “back-wash” @ AVAYAVA Dance Festival, Pune