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film stills of studio research @ POLO CULTURAL GAIVOTAS | BOAVISTA [Pt]

“When you look at & inside yourself, yes, you see the awfulness, and yes, it’s not comfortable to see it, but it’s passing, it’s impermanent. Our mind is workable. We are not simply stuck with that stuff.”

– Pema Chodron



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interdisciplinary performance for 3 performers [2 dancers + 1 actor], a vocal + visual/video artist.

This work investigates the themes of Rite of Passage, Ritual, having to meet our edge, again and again, facing our fears and Inner Shadows, the moment we are leaving the familiar and enter the unknown, the process of passing through the liminal space where disorientation takes place; where one has to re-adapt to a new set of parameters. The work explores the theme equally in the light of the process of growing (up)…. from childhood to adulthood and an ongoing, never stopping process. 

My interest and intention has been to look into the individual and collective process, connecting the individual to the collective story of nowadays society and the challenges we are facing, the confusion and liminal space we are passing through.



has been a text – and metaphor – by the Buddhist nun, Pema Chödrön about a group of people walking up a mountain and each individual meeting his/her “edge”. This story is a metaphor which speaks of a personal, individual aspect of fear – and the necessity of meeting our limit(s), again and again.

My wish is to explore fear’s different aspects – its psychological, possibly archetypical; its individual vs. collective as well as, possibly, political dimension.  – it’s become obvious very fast that the individual and collective don’t have a clear cut division.

The result might be a choreographic “triptych” – a performance travelling through 3 parts – leading through a metaphorical labyrinth. The parts after all mingling and merging…. disrupting the chronological sense.


In which way is every personal story linked to this bigger scenario? 

Is it possible to create a metaphor for the bigger process from the singular story? Is the one standing for the other? – living and breathing the air in this fractal reality that’s ours and, still, can differ so much between us.

Can 1 or 2 bodies create this metaphor? Throw up essential and important questions? Become the channel and voice of an individual as well as collective psyche and process? Be the projection surface of questions? Express our raw humanity and what makes us human? Become the mediator of hope? ….of whatever it might take to step beyond fear?

We are living in a time of uncertainty as well as change and politics are now employing – as they always have been – fear as tool. Generally, there are many issues in this world that can trigger, bring and create fear. Equally there are movements, people, visionaries and events taking place that might offer hope and bring positive change and empowerment.

What is empowering us to step beyond fear, to face the big challenges, a certain abyss that opens up in front of us when looking at the state of the world – from one perspective, a world that seems to be caught in a downward spiral that capitalism and the ascent of the mechanical age has thrown us into.

Is it rather a question of when and not if the Apocalypse is coming? Has it already started to creep up on us rather than that it will throw us into oblivion, all of a sudden and with one big blast? Or is this a too negative outlook on things? Cynical even? Seeing the glass not only half but entirely empty (one could say, at least, we’d still have that glass, that container to be filled with whatever we choose.)

Are there miracles? Can there be a tipping point towards salvation? Where is the critical mass? Have we been, like Ikarus, flying to close to the sun and now, our wings melting, we are crashing? From a huge crises, can & will we rise like the Fenix? Are machines taking over and is A.I. already conspiring to destroy us? Where are we standing as individuals and, even more so, as a society? how to look forward? With hope…. and not in fear?

– research @ LeineRoebana, Amsterdam: