THE MIRROR’S EDGE [working title]

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film stills of studio research @ POLO CULTURAL GAIVOTAS | BOAVISTA [Pt]

A new work, a new journey, adventure and inquiry….. that has just started.


“When you look at yourself, yes, you see the awfulness, and yes, it’s not comfortable to see it, but it’s passing, it’s impermanent. Our mind is workable. We are not simply stuck with that stuff.”

– Pema Chodron



THE MIRROR’S EDGE  [ working title ]

In this project, I am working with the theme of fear, looking as well into the process of – what it takes to be – going through / stepping beyond it.

The original, first trigger & inspiration has been a text – and metaphor – by the Buddhist nun, Pema Chödrön about a group of people walking up a mountain and each individual meeting his/her “edge”. This story is a metaphor which speaks of a personal, individual aspect of fear – and the necessity of meeting our limit(s), again and again.

I am looking into fear’s different aspects – its psychological, possibly archetypical; its individual vs. collective as well as, possibly, political dimension.  – it’s become obvious very fast that the individual and collective don’t have a clear cut division.

The result might be a choreographic “triptych” – a performance travelling through 3 parts – leading through a metaphorical labyrinth. The parts after all mingling and merging…. disrupting the chronological sense.

Labyrinths and mazes have a connotation of “ritual”, “test”, “rite of passage” which are elements interesting me in context of this project.

In the mythical Cristian tradition there was a way to walk a labyrinth as a “threefold path”  –  Purgation, Illumination, and Union – similar to and reminding of The Divine Comedy.


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