film by and with Andrea Hackl


[Basque – black raven]

A dreamy fairytale taking you into the high mountains, leading through a soul landscape. It’s a meditation on lightness, birth and death. Inspired by the wisdom of the raven, it’s an ode to the freedom of our spirit and the power of our soul. 
Raven knows how to continue through the dark, to die and be reborn and how to find the light. 

This short film was entirely shot on a 2.5 months long solo trekking journey in the high mountains of Europe – around the Mont Blanc massif and across central High Route of the Pyrenees, being shot in different countries: Spain + France [/ Pays Basque], Catalonia, Andorra, Switzerland, Italy.  

This film is part of the film and photography project: OF RAVENS AND GODS

direction + performance: Andrea Hackl

music: Raffaele Schiavo, Vero Mota,, Andrea Hackl

camera + editing: Andrea Hackl

The project received financial support from the Austrian Cultural Forum, The Hague.

all rights reserved © Andrea Hackl Projects + musicians involved in the projects